El Gran Jubileo Blanco

El Gran Jubileo Blanco is surprisingly smooth for a blanco tequila. The 2008 Agave.net Agave Spirits Challenge Bronze medal winner has a pure, smooth, and fresh flavor unique among this type of tequilas. However you like to drink tequila, whether it be with a slice of lime,mixed in a cocktail or on the rocks you will appreciate this favorite of the "Master Tequiliers".

El Gran Jubileo Reposado

El Gran Jubileo Reposado is carefully aged in white oak barrels for 10 months to make this tequila unique in its class. The aging process gives this tequila a beautiful straw color with shades of gold that evoke its personality with its intense cooked agave flavor and notes of wood. This 2008 Agave.net Agave Spirits Challenge Gold medal winner is ideal to drink by itself or paired with fruit like orange or orange dusted with cinnamon. This reposado can bring a wonderfully unique flavor to cocktails or margaritas.

El Gran Jubileo Añejo

El Gran Jubileo Añejo has been calmly and slowly aged for 5 years in barrels of white oak. When superior ingredients are aged with care for this period of time, the result is a balanced tequila with a great variety of flavors including: dried fruit, honey, olive, cinnamon and chocolate. This tequila is best enjoyed by itself and drinks like the finest cognac, brandy or whiskey. It could also be enjoyed with fruits like cherries, orange slices or simply a piece of chocolate. El Gran Jubileo Añejo earned the Platinum medal, designation as both "Top Agave Spirit" and "Judges Favorite" at the 2008 Agave.net Agave Spirits Challenge in Cancun.