About Us

Central Texas Spirits, Inc. is a family owned and operated business dedicated to finding and importing the finest quality tequila available. We are located in the Austin, Texas area.

People at every level of our company make regular visits to the Tequila region to call on our current suppliers and to forge personal relationships with new suppliers. These personal relationships are not just with a sales representative, but with the owners, the distillers, and their families. Without those personal relationships, guaranteeing the quality and supply of the products we import would not be possible.

All of the products we import are either award winners or are new brands produced by award winning distilleries. We only deal with the finest 100% Blue Agave tequila that Mexico has to offer.

Be aware when you sample one of the tequilas that we import, of the care and the commitment on both sides of the border that went into bringing that bottle to you. Then please enjoy drinking it as much as Central Texas Spirits enjoyed discovering it and the master distillers enjoyed producing it.

Please visit our product pages for more information about the tequilas and the distilleries that produce them. Check back with us often as our site is constantly being updated. In the near future, look for interviews with the master distillers and a list of upcoming events where our tequilas will be featured.

Click here to leave us a comment or to tell us where you are and we'll let you know where you can find any of our fine tequilas.

We look forward to hearing from both industry members and tequila lovers!