Central Texas Spirits

Central Texas Spirits, Inc. is an importer of premium and ultra-premium tequilas from some of the finest distilleries in Mexico.

As direct importers of only a limited number of the purest 100% blue agave tequilas we are constantly focused on the quality and consistency of the products we bring to market in the United States. Strict quality controls on both sides of the border ensure that you are drinking our tequilas as the master distillers intended.

From award winning distilleries and top medal winning tequilas, Central Texas Spirits is pleased to bring to you one of the finest and most sought after tequila brands:

  • El Gran Jubileo

The El Gran Jubileo Brand until now has been available only in Mexico in boutique liquor stores and select resort destinations. Central Texas Spirits is proud to be representing El Gran Jubileo in the United States.

All 100% blue agave, the blanco, reposado, and anejo of this brand are sure to inspire the spirit and bring life to any party or gathering of friends.

See the product pages to learn more about the brand, the awards, and the distillery of El Gran Jubileo.